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Daily countrywide deliveries

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  • Little Lamb biscuits-cookies 500
  • Homemade biscuits: Dolphins 500
  • Kiddies biscuits - shaped & decorated like cupcakes &300
  • Kiddies biscuits - Minnie Mouse &300
  • Alex's sneakers biscuits
  • Safaa's 1st birthday homemade biscuits - 500
  • Homemade Disco party biscuits 500
  • Homemade Tinkerbell biscuits 500
  • surf boards 500
  • Winnie the Pooh Bear Baby Shower cookies 500
  • Icecream party biscuits 500

Hi Jill

A belated thank you for the biscuit and cupcakes, they were perfect and Jordan loved it.

All the best


Daily biscuit deliveries

Unicorns A 600

Unicorns A 600

Sharks - homemade biscuits/cookies 600

Sharks – homemade biscuits/cookies 600

Grey's First Birthday 600

Grey’s First Birthday 600

Kiddies celebratory biscuits

Move over adults, when it comes to biscuits appreciation kiddies ‘take the cake’ or should that read ‘biscuit’. The appeal is visual, tangible and tasteable. Assuming adult permission, or other varied ways of acquisition, consumption of these is performed very rapidly and with great enjoyment by the kids, taking care not to be seen by the adults scoffing too many biscuits, and also taking care not to be seen are the adults who don’t want to seem hypocritical.



Here at “Just Biscuits” we may make just biscuits, but we have plenty to offer, namely – Homemade and custom made designer iced and decorated biscuits of just about any shape, size and flavour, biscuits for anniversaries, birthdays, babies, bridal showers, weddings, engagements, baby showers,  kiddies, babies & teenagers. Yip! everyone. We also do a lot of work for corporates and businesses. Logos and slogans on biscuits are a sure way to impress customers and prospects